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Process of producing natural water
The Mt. Fuji is the highest and the most beautiful mountain in Japan.
It can work as a superb natural filter formed of 7 basalt layers containing rich minerals.
"FUJI SEIRYUSUI" is natural water into which many useful minerals such as vanadium, calcium, and magnesium have mixed during
its permeation through the basalt layers forming the Mt. Fuji.

"FUJI SEIRYUSUI" is alkalescent natural water which is collected at a depth of 200 m from its collection spot. This collection spot is located at an altitude of 920 m at the northern foot of the Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi prefecture.

The "Mt. Fuji landscape formation area" surrounds this collection spot.

Water from melting snow or rain in the Mt. Fuji slowly passes through a number of stacked basalt layers to constitute this natural water richly containing useful minerals such as vanadium which has attracted attention recently.

"FUJI SEIRYUSUI" is soft water having a hardness of 25, which is the lowest of those of water from the Mt. Fuji, and therefore has a mild taste to be preferred by Japanese.

■Water collection factory
Our water collection factory is located in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and it is not affected by land pollution at all.
The temporal storage tank for great natural water springing up at 203 m under the national park.
In our factory's area, there are no golf course, no farm, and no training facility of the Self-Defense Forces which may cause the land pollution.
■Filling plant
For bottling without heat-sterilization, filling is performed in the plant where the cleanliness level is kept at 100.
A general office or home environment has a cleanliness level of over 1,000,000, a school dining room has a level of 100,000, and a food processing plant has a level of 10,000 to 1,000.
Class 100 means that the number of dusts and miscellaneous germs in 30 cm cube is below 100.
In normal circumstances, millions of dusts and miscellaneous germs exist in the cube having the same dimensions.
At the cleanliness level of 100, even medicine can be made.
■Sanitary test
Collected water undergoes a sanitary test every 30 minutes.

About vanadium
"Vanadium" is a mineral element like calcium and magnesium, and its atomic number is 23.
In 1801, it was discovered by A. M. del Rio in Mexico, and in 1830, it was rediscovered by Swedish N. G. Sefstorm.
At that time, Sefstorm named the discovered element after the Scandinavian goddess of beauty and fertility "Vanadis".

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We deliver all over Japan natural water "FUJI SEIRYUSUI"
in which minerals such as vanadium are blended in a well-balanced manner.

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