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One way system
In place of the conventional "returnable system", we developed the "one-way system" for "FUJI SEIRYUSUI", which does not require the bottle collection process.
The conventional system requires bottle collection, so users need to keep empty bottles and exchange them for new bottles.
Users need to be at home for water delivery.

"FUJI SEIRYUSUI" brings in the one-way delivery system which does not require the bottle collection and reception.
This system allows the products to be delivered all over Japan directly from the factory.
Please receive tasty natural water at your convenient time.
※The carriage is separately necessary for Hokkaido and Okinawa.
※ It doesn't deliver it to a part of solitary island district. Please inquire in detail.

Tasting a delicious, natural water is valued.
The brand that sticks to freshness, safety, and efficiency is "FUJI SEIRYUSUI" always.
We are sticking to the bottle as part of the approach on the global environment consideration.
An easy PET bottle to recycle is adopted as a result of doing the research repeatedly from various viewpoints of the material, the function, and the design, etc.
"Children of the beautiful earth in the future" deflecting is our mission.

Since the bottle is for a single use, it can be thrown into a recycle box after use, and thus does not require collecting.
Systems which have conventionally been used in many cases require a user to secure space for housing a used bottle and attend at bottle collection.
On the other hand, our system is totally free from such a trouble.
You can use a new clean plastic bottle every time.

About PET bottle
The PET bottle is a kind of plastic. The bottle is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
About 90% of PET bottles is used as a beverage container, and it is also used as the containers of seasoning, cosmetics, and medicine.
The PET bottle has became a replacement for containers of a part of products which were packed into the glass bottle, the can, and the like before.
The PET bottle does not exhaust ecohazard materials (dioxin and environmental hormone) when it is recycled or disposed (incineration and landfill).

We use Sagawa Express for delivery.
Customers can choose the delivery time.
As a matter of course, redelivery due to absence, delivery time selection, and weekend and night time delivery are available.

Natural disasters, traffic jams due to accident, abnormal weather, etc. may cause delay in delivery.
We receive positive comments that customer can receive the goods smoothly.

In principle, the delivery charge is paid by Altesse.
Customers do not need to pay the delivery charge.
* Partial delivery cost may be required for isolated island or distant land.

We deliver the goods all over Japan promptly.
* The indicated delivery time is given as an approximate guide.
* Delivery timing may change depending on the delivery date, the delivery area, and the traffic situation.
* Delivery conditions in the left are not applied to isolated island or distant land.

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FREE rental of the water dispenser and the mineral water dispenser!
We deliver all over Japan natural water "FUJI SEIRYUSUI"
in which minerals such as vanadium are blended in a well-balanced manner.

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