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冷温水About our dispenser
●Our water dispensers are only for "FUJI SEIRYUSUI". Other companies' bottles cannot be fitted to our dispensers.
●Electricity expense for the dispenser is around ¥1,000 per month. It may change depending on the ambient temperature and use frequency of the dispenser.
●Electric power supply is Japanese standard 100 V.
The dispenser can be placed anywhere if electric power source is available.
●Water tray is easily taken out for cleaning.
(* Water in the water tray is not drained automatically.)
●Cold water at around 6oC comes out from the cold water cock.
(Water temperature changes to be colder in the hot season and warmer in the cold season.)
●Hot water at around 87oC comes out from the hot water cock.
(Child lock function is equipped for safety reason.)
●You can enjoy fresh alkalescent water from the Mt. Fuji "FUJI SEIRYUSUI" night and day in all seasons.

About child lock
The hot water cock is locked by the child lock function in order to prevent children from using it by mistake. Hot water will not come out with any one of the hot water lever and the button being pushed. In order to have hot water come out:

●Push the pink button with the lever being pushed to the far side;
●Hot water comes out, and release the pink button with the lever still being pushed; and
●Hot water stops coming out if you release the lever, and then the hot water cock is locked again.

Safe and secure for children and elderly people.
Please note the hot water.
About hot and cold water cock
Please push the lever with your fingers to have hot or cold water come out. Please do not use a cup to push the lever.
(When the lever returns to its original position, the cup might be broken by the lever with its rebound.)
Please be careful about hot water.
About water tray
Water tray is easily taken out by inserting your thumb into the front-side hole.

Outer covering/Water tray
Outer covering: Please wipe it by a soft cloth with neutral detergent. When the stains are washed out, please wipe it with water, and then wipe it by a dried cloth.
Water tray: Please take it out and wash it with neutral detergent.
Heat release part
The back surface of the dispenser serves as a heat release part.
Cooling effect will decrease if the dispenser is placed close to a wall or the heat release part is covered by dust.
Please clean it with a soft brush or a cleaner.
Bottle inlet
Please remove the dirt of the bottle inlet by a clean cloth, kitchen paper, or the like.
* Please clean this part when you exchange the bottles.
Please do not use the detergent.
Water outlet
Please remove the dirt on its surface by a clean cloth, kitchen paper, or the like.

Please clean the drain with the attached brush once every six months.
Please do not touch the inside of the drain.
Discharging cold water and
hot water
Please drain water in the dispenser when you move the dispenser.
For hot water:
Turn off the power.
After the temperature of the hot water falls, please pull out the drain cap (green cap) placed on the back side of the dispenser to discharge the warm water.
The warm water is discharged swiftly when the cap is removed.
Please prepare a bucket or large rag to prevent the floor from getting wet.
Please put the drain cap again after water is discharged.

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FREE rental of the water dispenser and the mineral water dispenser!
We deliver all over Japan natural water "FUJI SEIRYUSUI"
in which minerals such as vanadium are blended in a well-balanced manner.

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