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Voice from customers
■Hiroshi Yamaguchi
(one's sixties and Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City)
Tavern management

It knew vanadium natural water in the television commercial. Because it was a dream that it has the restaurant, and the customer smiles eating culinary delights for a long time, it takes care with the ingredient put out to the shop now especially. It thought a large amount of intakes by the meal of every food to be "FUJI SEIRYUSUI" that the content of the vanadium is a lot of by thinking about them because it was difficult though was known "Milk", "Nearby", "Bean curd", "Sardine", "Mackerel", "Wakame seaweed", and "Egg", etc. as a thing that contained a lot of vanadiums even though was good for the body it. To take care with the ingredient is to turn on delicious water as a person who manages the restaurant business though it is natural. Therefore, the impression is heard by using "FUJI SEIRYUSUI" for grog and hot-water remunerative, etc. of the shochu served to the customer now.
(19 years old and Tokyo)

It went to Tokyo for entering college. You may compare the water quality of Tokyo before, and it was heard that it saved in the water storage tank for the apartment house and the housing complex and it was deserted. The management of the cleaning etc. was said that the water quality might fall it was insufficient but greatly according to the situation of the tank, and because using tap water for the drinking water as it was had had resistance, I of the apartment house residence set up "FUJI SEIRYUSUI" used in the parents' family. It is a conclusive evidence as which neatly delivering it to the new address only by changing the address even if there are can specification at the delivery date because of delivering to home "FUJI SEIRYUSUI", and what I graduate and is moved according to the place of employment also chose "FUJI SEIRYUSUI".
■Uramatsu Ai
(25 years old and Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima City)
Clerk of apparel shop

I inexperienced felt time when tea was boiled after it had come back from work painful in the start of living alone and living alone because it left the parents' family for the first time though I often took moisture before. Because the hot water and cold water come out only to twist the cock, "FUJI SEIRYUSUI" was able to be mixed with powdery tea quickly, and to save time when tea is boiled. Because it is possible to deliver it on holiday even if the bottle empties because water is heavy though buying and returning are serious, it is convenient.

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