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Corporate philosophy

We deliver the water, which is vital to improve lifestyle-related diseases all over Japan, and hope to support healthy life with natural water. We donate a part of our revenue to the water purification business in order to save children.

"Disposable" is uselessly a review of the society that can continue as for the limited global resource. Moreover, it did not limit to recycling, and it became a problem with a big safety and safety to the environment and the person of the thing used in daily life and the said thing. It thinks what future in the future to consider whether to create shape clearly and for a person and an earth friendly commodity creation to have a very important meaning. It works on a new challenge including the spending cut and the CO2 reduction that our company is related to recycling and the resource through the product, too. In addition, I will offer the customer the creation of new value that considers the influence, the sanitary supervision, and health aspects that the component of a product causes the person.


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FREE rental of the water dispenser and the mineral water dispenser!
We deliver all over Japan natural water "FUJI SEIRYUSUI"
in which minerals such as vanadium are blended in a well-balanced manner.

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